Friday, January 18, 2008

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"I drew a little love-letter because I wanted U to see what u were shooting at"

Mitt Romney
Federal Reserve Bank of England
{Oxford ST Champ Ruble}
Richard Branson
Virgin Atlantic
{God Almonty Stillwell}

Timothy -Kazcinski Yussuf- McVeigh
Blackwater, US Army SF, Al Qaeda
DS-DLB-DST (Bulgarian DeadLetter FrenchBox SS)

Anderson 'TT' Cooper
CNN International Correspondents, MOR (Monarchist Assoc of Central Russia "The Trust")

Dmitry Medvedev
Kremlin, Okhrana (Tsarist Security Service)
{Tramps Ascalon Treasure-U ST Thunder}

Dick Cheney
White House, SDECE-DGSE (French Foreign Intel Agency)
{Darth O'Reilly SacredLear Illusion}

Dr. James Hanson
{Devils Sympathy Black Tears}

Evo Morales
Bolivia, Gehlen-BND

Fidel Castro
Cuba, OZNA-UDBA (Yugoslav Security Service)

General Benton Partin
USAF, Smersh ('Death to Spies' Soviet Mil. Counter Intel 1943 - '46)
{HenriettaAlex II SunPhoenixWoodwardElkCheWeatherfordTzu}

General Myers
USAF, VMS (Supreme Monarchist Council - White Russian Emigre Group)

General Ralph Eberhardt
{Clover ST Sean-Shibumy Buddy Cloud}

John Coleman

Hugo Chavez
Venezuela, FARC, IBAMA

John Ashcroft
Dept. of Justice, ZOMO (Polish Paramilitary Police)
{Vladimir Valentin Mikhailovich HartLabur}

John Stockwell
CIA, SIM (Spanish Republican Security Service)
{Vladimir Mikhail Alekstantinovich Smirnov O'Reilly}

Leonard Peltier
NAIM (Native American Indian Movement), Jericho Political Prisoners

Vladimir Putin
Kremlin, KGB, AVO-AVH (Hungarian Security Service)
{St Feliks Andreyevich YuriyatinGoldHeart tSarsen}
Lt. Col. David Grossman
USMC West Pt., DIE (Romanian Foreign Intel Agency)
{Tiger Lily's Against-The-Grain Serge}

Erik Prince
Blackwater, US Navy, SSD (GDR Security Service 'Stasi')

Paul Wolfowitz
World Bank, WPC (World Peace Council)
Robert Mueller
FBI, Cheka (All-Russian Extraordinary Commission for Combating Counter-Revolution and Sabotage Soviet Security Service '17 - '22)

Michael Martin
Blackwater, US Army SF, AK (Polish Home Army)

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Monday, December 17, 2007

Lily-Truth-N ~ Phoedix-Clover's-Almonty-Paw ~


"I drew a little love-letter because I wanted U to see what u were shooting at"

David Petraeus, US Army
{Clover ST Sean}
Given decent weather, I'll whip out Cassino like an old tooth
[Major General John Cannon, U.S. tactical air-commander in Italy, on how to assault the Cassino massif, dominated by the 6,000ft Monte Cassino, the $64,000 question in Italian military textbooks]

Jon Michael Dye, USMC, SS
{Shibumi Buddy Cloud}
Don't stand about like a half-plucked fowl. Cast off!.
[Irate voices of British Naval Landing Officers, launching craft for D-Day landings]
Sean McCormick, SS
{Dillon ST Kivo}
I am not more enamoured of him than you are, but I would rather have him on the committee than strutting about as a combination of Joan of Arc and Clemenceau
[Churchill to the President of "The Prima Donna", de Gaulle]

Stan Goff, US Army Rangers
{Tiger Lily's Serge}
I don't think that any woman has ever had the same opportunity to alter the course of history.
[Major Kleimann on KGB/MI5 spy, Lily Sergueiev]

Peter Pace, USMC, JCS
{Sir Cossack Igor}
Ruhe da, wir konnen nicht schlafen
(Shut up, we can't sleep)
[Lieutenant Charles Newton to German gunners.]

Scott Ritter, UNSCOM, USMC
{Zhivago's Gale Clover}
I'll tell you what I see -- I see my ma on the front porch waving my insurance policy
[Army lieutenant whisper to Life photographer Robert Capa, Utah beach, D-Day]
Donald Rumsfeld, US5
{Zhen Elefente Keyes}
We hoped to land a wild cat that would tear out the bowels of the Boche. Instead we have stranded a vast whale with it's tail flopping in the water!
[Winston Churchill to Alexandra, on Anzio-Cassino Monastry bombing]

Jesse Ventura, US Navy
{SSD Bayonet Lynn}
What are the smart GIs doing to your English women while you are fighting and getting killed over here? Easy to guess eh? ... Heard about Private Fox? Went on patrol and stepped on a shoe mine... all his guts were blown away. Go easy, boys. There's danger ahead.
["Axis Sally" broadcasting from Radio Roma]

Nicholas Zarkosy, FFL, FCIA
{Pink Peasant's Wizzard}
Los sanglots longs
Des violins
De l'automne
Blessent mon coeur
D'une langueur
(The long sobbing of the autumn violins,Wounds my heart with a monotonous languor)
[Six lines taken from Paul Verlaine's sonnet, Chanson d'Automne: the password for the Anglo-American invasion of France, as reported to the Abwehr, by Oberstleutnant Oscar Reile, of the Paris-based section IIIF, the bane of the French underground, based on the interrogations of two captured resistants. The first part of the signal, up to and including the word "l'automne", would be broadcast by the BBC on the first and fighteenth days of given months. The second would be broadcast when the landings were scheduled for the next forty-eight hours -- the time to be counted from midnight of the day of the initial transmission. Thus, on June 2, Reile had alerted his chiefs, that on the day preceding, Bush House, via radio station Daventry, had repeated the first segment several times between 1.20 and 2.30 p.m. On June 4, Reile informed twenty-three addresses that the second part of the alert had been broadcast no less than fifteen times between noon and 2.30 pm on June 3.]

'Alex Hallahan', FFL, IRA
{Cead Mile F'ailte}
Three old women with brooms could keep the Rangers from climbing that cliff
[Naval intelligence officer proven wrong, by 220 U.S. Rangers, under Lieut-Col. James E. Rudder, who scaled the 100 ft. cliffs of Omaha, using ropes and extension ladders borrowed from the London Fire Brigade, to destroy the powerful battery reported by Centurie sector chief Andre Farine at Pointe du Hoc.]

William K. Wallace; UK Paratroopers, MI6
{Flanagan VII "Pro"}
There was blood upon the risers, there were brains upon the chute;
Intestines were a-dangling from this paratrooper's boots;
They picked him, still in his chute and poured him from his boots.
He ain't gonna jump no more.
Gory, Gory, What a Helluva way to die
Gory, Gory, what a Helluva way to die
Gory, Gory, what a Helluva way to die
He ain't gonna jump no more.
[Paratrooper's song, Blood Upon the Risers, sung to the tune of The Battle Hymn of the Republic. Sung in training by paratroopers: packing and re-packing of the T5 parachute assembly, the practice drops from the 250ft tower, the first jump from a C-47; such as Private Donald Burgett, from Detroit, trained at Ft. Benning, GA, before becoming a member of A Company, 506th Regiment, 101st Airborne Division, the SCREAMING EAGLES.]

Harry Wallace, UK Grenadiers, MI5
{HawkIsle Irish Whisper}
We are all in the same game. Sometimes one side wins, sometimes the other. You win this time, we will be victorious next time: it's all a question of sportsmanship, isn't it, gentlemen? My criticism of the Fuhrer is purely military. He did fine things for Germany... Hitler came forth as the champion against Versailles, and all of us, the whole nation, backed him up on that. Furthermore, his Socialist ideals attracted the German people. We old officers are Socialists too, of course. For example we believe in common effort and comradeship and all that -- that's real Socialism. Hitler, as an old soldier, was naturally also a Socialist like the rest of us and that is why he could win over the German people.
[Prisoner of War: Generalleutnant Kurt Dittmar, formerly Army High Command broadcaster, to Lieutenant Hart, a G-2 Colonel from Simpson's Ninthy Army, & Lieut. Saul K. Padover, U.S. Army's Psychological Warfare Division, in a Luftwaffe barracks at Brunswick, Lower Saxony.]

Vladimir V. Putin, Kremlin, KGB
{Tramp's Ascalon Treasure -- U ST Thunder}
She is not going to work for you!
[Captain Mikhail Koriakov, saving Helen Springer from the 3rd Army's Russian style liberation tactics, in Bunzlau, Silesia. Formerly combat correspondent of The Country Falcon, to the 6th Red Air Force, he nourished a curious preoccupation for a man at war: the restoration of God to the Russian people. A native of the Sayan Mountains of Siberia, he asked himself with ever-growing urgency, what spiritual lessons would this cataclysmic war bring about? What changes would there be in relation to freedom of conscience? On Sunday, May 21, he learned with deep sorrow, of the death of Sergei, Patriarch of Moscow and all the Russians. Attending a church in Volhynia, Western Ukraine, he enquired whether there would be a Requiem for the Patriarch. He was subsequently found "ideologically unfit to serve as military correspondent."]

God is ओn your side?
Is He a Conservative?
The Devil's on my side, he's a good Communist!
[Stalin in response to Churchill's "With God's will", in Tehran arguing on a firm date for Overlord, and the naming of a Supreme Commander]
Andrei Lugovoi, KGB, NKVD

{Alex II Kugan}
Hitler is the greatest man of all time. I've never been more serious. They're all against Hitler (now that the war is over). They've always been against Hitler. So that means that Hitler alone, without help or encouragement from anybody in Germany started the war, licked all Europe... murdered five million Jews, set up 400 concentration camps, created the biggest army in Europe and made the trains run on schedule. It takes a pretty good man to do all that by himself.
[Lieut. Saul K. Padover, to his driver, Private Joe Dorferlein, who responded with "I getcha. For a moment I though you was kiddin."]

George Tennet, CIA
{Sun Slamdunk Tzu}
As you know, the army is short of pilots, petrol, planes and ammunition... We find ourselves at an impasse. There is just one last resort left to us: to crash on the decks of enemy aircraft carriers, as your comrades have done before you. Two hours ago, our squadron received the order to form a Special Attack Corps... I am compelled to ask you... But, of course, you are free to choose. I will give you twenty-four hours to think it over.
[Commandant Suenaga, to 24 assembled cadet pilots of the 24th Advanced Training Squadron, at Kagohara airfield, forty miles north-west of Tokyo.]

Josh Rushing, USMC, P-Al'Qaeda
At the present moment, I feel lower than that whale's arse.
[General George S. Patton, at Regensburg, Bavaria, on hearing the news of VE Day, ate their meal in total silence from first course to last. Upon retiring he called to mind a species of whale said to spend much of its time lying in the deepest part of the ocean.]

Andreas von Beulow, Abwehr,
{Forest King Breaker}

Keep in line! Keep in line! ... U.S. Rangers, man your stations!... This is it, men, pick it up and put it on, you've only got a one-way ticket and this is the end of the line... I'll do your praying for you from here on in. What you're going to do today will be a prayer in itself!... Now hear this! This is probably going to be the biggest party you boys will ever go to -- so let's all get out on the floor and dance!
[5.45 am. 45 minutes before H-Hour. Lieut. Gen. Omar Bradley about the flagship Augusta, before plugging his ears with cotton wool.]

Michael Martin, US Army SF, Blackwater
{Geronimo Phoenix Green}
"Sir, can I ask you a question?"
"Of course, what is it?"
"When we die, sir, is that the end or do we go on?"
[Summerhouse Hill, 19 April, Kohima: the sole battlefield of WW II to focus on a tennis court: a solid asphalt court 20 yards wide constructed below Deputy Commissioner Pawsey's bungalow by the Burmah Oil Company. Now the Royal West Kents under Major Tom Kenyon lobbed off volleys of grenades where Slazenger balls had once bounced.]

Timothy J. McVeigh, US Army, Blackwater, NSA
{Oxford ST-Champ Ruble -- God Almonty Stillwell}
... he which hath no stomach to this fight,
Let him depart; his passport shall be made,
And crowns for convoy put into his purse:
We would not die in that man's company
That fears his fellowship to die with us.
[Henry V -- Shakespeare]
When the nations lose their war-sense,
And the world gets back it's horse-sense
What a day for celebration that will be.
When somebody shouts 'the fight's up!'
And 'It's time to turn the lights up!'
Then the first thing to be lit up will be me...
[A popular song of the hour I'm Going To Get Lit Up When the Lights Go On in London, during the blackout, dubbed the capitals best-known bottle hymn, caught the mood for a longed-for peace.]

Erik Prince, Blackwater, US Navy
{Rock Lake Paw}
I have verified your ability to make a deal... I am prepared to sell you one million Jews. Not the whole lot -- you wouldn't be able to raise enough for that. But you could manage a million. Blood for money -- cash for blood. You can take them from any country you like... Hungary, Poland, from Auschwitz, wherever you like. Who do you want to save? Men capable of procreation? Women who can bear children? Old people? Children? Sit down, Herr Brand, and tell me.If you return from Istanbul and tell me that the offer has been accepted, I'll close Auschwitz and bring ten percent of the million I've promised you to the frontier. If you don't come back, they'll all go to Auschwitz."
[Adolf Eichmann to Herr Brand]
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